trust-dns-proto 0.18.1

Trust-DNS is a safe and secure DNS library. This is the foundational DNS protocol library for all Trust-DNS projects.


Trust-DNS Proto is the foundational DNS protocol library and implementation for Trust-DNS. It is not expected to be used directly. Please see Trust-DNS Resolver, Client, or Server for higher level interfaces.

WARNING The Proto crate is designed as an internal layer in the Trust-DNS ecosystem, it will change potentially in breaking ways, and should not generally be used directly. Please see the Resolver, Client or Server for more stable interfaces.

Minimum Rust Version

The current minimum rustc version for this project is 1.39


Trust-DNS does it's best job to follow semver. Trust-DNS will be promoted to 1.0 upon stabilization of the publicly exposed APIs. This does not mean that Trust-DNS will necessarily break on upgrades between 0.x updates. Whenever possible, old APIs will be deprecated with notes on what replaced those deprecations. Trust-DNS will make a best effort to never break software which depends on it due to API changes, though this can not be guaranteed. Deprecated interfaces will be maintained for at minimum one major release after that in which they were deprecated (where possible), with the exception of the upgrade to 1.0 where all deprecated interfaces will be planned to be removed.