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T-Mobile Home Internet Tools

Set of programs to make managing T-Mobile 5G Wifi Gateways easier

Notice: This has only been tested and known to work with the Nokia "trashcan" Gateway!

Here is the Nokia "Trashcan" Gateway:

The programs:

tmocli: Command line interface for working with the gateway

tmotop: Text interface for working with the gateway

tmo-webui Mobile friendly web interface for working with the gateway

gatewaymon: Background process that monitors the gateway for network issues (reboots the gateway if needed) and monitors the gateway's cell signal

tmo-hosts: (Work in progress) Background process that makes other computers on the network acessible by their hostnames

Arch Linux and others based on it

Use your AUR helper to install tmobile-internet-tools

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with T-Mobile. This program is my own work.

Planned Features:

  • Text UI to show metrics and settings
  • Background process that reboots the gateway when needed
  • Command line interface to work with the gateway
  • Web interface that shows metrics and settings
  • Allow web interface to auto-refresh gateway info
  • Reverse proxy to native gateway web interface
  • Adjust gateway's network settings from tmotop and the web UI
  • Background process that tracks the IPs of other hosts (These gateways are DHCP only)