time-tz 1.0.3

Implementation of tz database (IANA) for the time Rust crate.


An implementation of the tz database for the time-rs Rust crate.


This implementation is based off of chrono-tz (https://github.com/chronotope/chrono-tz) but uses time-rs instead of chrono. This is designed to replace use of chono dependency which is impacted by CVE-2020-26235 (localtime_r thread safety issue linked to std::env::set_var).


  • Injects an assume_timezone member function to any PrimitiveDateTime.
  • Injects a to_timezone member function to any OffsetDateTime.
  • Provides a timezones::get_by_name function to get a timezone by name.
  • Supports finding the closest IANA match from a windows timezone name.
  • Supports obtaining system's current timezone (through the system feature).


use time::macros::datetime;
use time_tz::{PrimitiveDateTimeExt, OffsetDateTimeExt, timezones};

fn main()
    // ===========================================
    //  Create a new datetime in a given timezone
    // ===========================================
    // First we have to get the source timezone:
    let london = timezones::db::europe::LONDON;

    // Now we can create a primitive date time and call the extension function:
    let dt = datetime!(2016-10-8 17:0:0).assume_timezone_utc(london);

    // ===========================
    //  Convert to a new timezone
    // ===========================

    // First we get the target timezone:
    let berlin = timezones::db::europe::BERLIN;

    // Now we can convert (again by calling an extension function):
    let converted = dt.to_timezone(berlin);

    // ... do something with converted