term 0.7.0

A terminal formatting library

A Rust library for terminfo parsing and terminal colors.




1.36 - the minimum version testable on circleci.

## Usage

Add this to your `Cargo.toml`:


term = "*"

## Packaging and Distributing

For all terminals but windows consoles, this library depends on a non-hashed
(for now) terminfo database being present. For example, on Debian derivitives,
you should depend on ncurses-term; on Arch Linux, you depend on ncurses; and on
MinGW, you should depend on mingw32-terminfo.

Unfortunately, if you're using a non-windows console on Windows (e.g. MinGW,
Cygwin, Git Bash), you'll need to set the TERMINFO environment variable to
point to the directory containing the terminfo database.