tempo_tapper 0.5.5

terminal tempo tapper (archive)
tempo_tapper-0.5.5 is not a library.
Visit the last successful build: tempo_tapper-0.4.1


this project has moved. the last version of tempo using Rust is 0.5.4.


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tempo is a terminal tempo tapper.


1/10 samples in buffer
106.3 bpm
 * <enter>

2/10 samples in buffer
110.4 bpm
 * c

0/10 samples in buffer
0.0 bpm
 ; █


tempo works by collecting bpms into a buffer as you tap.

[120.5, 124.3, 122.6, _, _, _, _, _, _, _]
 ^                                      ^
new bpms inserted here        old bpms removed here

the final bpm is the average of all samples in the buffer.


to use tempo, tap to the desired tempo, and it will display the average bpm.

for more fine tuning, you can also adjust the size of the buffer. the bpm may be more accurate the more samples are averaged.

command description
h show help
<enter> register a tap
c clear buffer
s adjust buffer size
b bound or unbound buffer to size
p print buffer contents
l print license info
q quit


since tempo is on crates.io under the name tempo_tapper, you can install it with cargo!

$ cargo install tempo_tapper


there is also documentation available as man pages. building them requires scdoc and probably GNU Make, although the makefile is uncomplicated.

to install:

$ make -C ./docs install

and to uninstall:

$ make -C ./docs uninstall


the msrv (minimum supported Rust version) is 1.61.0.


tempo is licensed under the MIT or Apache 2.0 licenses, at your choice.