telegram_notifyrs 0.1.1

Easily send single telegram messages!



A simple way to send messages via Telegram in Rust. I found it difficult to find a Crate for sending messages via Telegram without initializing a whole bot listener so I decided to make one. Feel free to open issues/PRs!


Include the crate under dependencies in your Cargo.toml

telegram_notifyrs = "0.1.0"

Simple Example

use telegram_notifyrs;

telegram_notifyrs::send_message("This is my message".to_string(), "this-is-my-api-token", 1234567890);

Expanded Example

use std::env;
use telegram_notifyrs;

fn main() {
    let token = env::var("TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN").expect("TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN not set");
    let chat_id: i32 = env::var("TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID")
        .expect("Missing TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID environment variable")
        .expect("Error parsing TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID as i32");
    telegram_notifyrs::send_message("Test from library".to_string(), &token, chat_id).unwrap();