telebot-derive 0.0.4

Getters and setters for the telebot library
# `#[derive(accessors)]`: getters and setters for Rust (WIP)

**This is a work in progress!** The API is subject to change.

We use the new [macros 1.1][] support in nightly Rust to automatically
generate basic getters and setters.  This is useful if you have a library
that exports a struct with lots of fields, but you don't want to make the
fields themselves public.

If you specify `#[setters(into)]`, you can generate setters which use
`Into` to automatically convert to the desired type.


extern crate accessors;

#[derive(getters, setters)]
struct Simple {
    field: String,

fn main() {
    let mut s = Simple { field: "hello".to_owned() };
    println!("{}", s.field());

Right now, you can only use this with nightly Rust, but David Tolnay has
laid out [a roadmap for how to get it working with stable Rust][stable].

[macros 1.1]: