tectonic_bridge_freetype2 0.1.0

Expose the FreeType2 library C APIs to Rust/Cargo.

The tectonic_bridge_freetype2 crate

This crate is part of the Tectonic project. It exposes the C API of the FreeType font rendering engine within the Rust/Cargo build framework, with no Rust bindings.

There are a variety of other low-level FreeType-related crates available, including:

This package is distinctive because:

  • It uses Tectonic’s dependency-finding framework, which supports both pkg-config and vcpkg.
  • It ensures that FreeType’s C API is exposed to Cargo.

Ideally, one day this crate will be superseded by one of the above crates.

If your project depends on this crate, Cargo will export for your build script an environment variable named DEP_FREETYPE2_INCLUDE, which will be the name of a directory containing the ft2build.h header.

You will need to ensure that your Rust code actually references this crate in order for the linker to include linked libraries. A use statement will suffice:

use tectonic_bridge_freetype2;

Cargo features

At the moment this crate does not provide any Cargo features. It is intended that eventually it will, to allow control over whether the FreeType library is vendored or not.