tdjson-sys 0.1.5

TDLIB Json Client Rust FFI Bindings
## TDLIB Json Client Rust FFI Bindings

### Installing TDLIB

In order to generate bindings, `tdjson-sys` needs the TDLIB to be intalled on a developer's system.

Clone the [`tdlib` repo]( and checkout the wanted version.
git clone
cd td
git checkout v1.1.0

Install dependencies and build the library as described in the [](

Then, install the library, from the `build` directory created in the previous step. (as root)
cmake --build . --target install

### Generate Bindings

After installing `tdlib`, just add `tdjson-sys` to your crate's dependencies

tdjson-sys = "0.1.3"

And let the Cargo do it's magic!
cargo build