tca62724fmg 0.1.1

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The Toshiba TCA62724FMG is a three output RGB LED with an I2C interface. It features high brightness and three independent PWM controllers. It's commonly used for status indicator lights.

rgbled demo gif



BSD-3 : see LICENSE file.


  • Builds
  • Tested with hardware device
  • Supports setting color channels individually
  • Supports setting white values (all color channels equal brightness)


This example has been tested with stm32h743 in a Holybro Durandal flight controller, with an externally connected M8N GPS module containing a tca62724fmg rgbled.

cargo run --example sweep --target thumbv7em-none-eabihf

The memory.x ,.cargo/config, and dronecode.gdb files included with this crate are configured to run this example by connecting to the Durandal via a dronecode probe (or similar, such as a Black Magic Probe)