tarpc-lib 0.3.1

An RPC framework for Rust with a focus on ease of use.
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An RPC framework providing client and server.


  • RPC deadlines, both client- and server-side.
  • Cascading cancellation (works with multiple hops).
  • Configurable limits
  • In-flight requests, both client and server-side.
  • Server-side limit is per-connection.
  • When the server reaches the in-flight request maximum, it returns a throttled error to the client.
  • When the client reaches the in-flight request max, messages are buffered up to a configurable maximum, beyond which the requests are back-pressured.
  • Server connections.
  • Total and per-IP limits.
  • When an incoming connection is accepted, if already at maximum, the connection is dropped.
  • Transport agnostic.