tantivy 0.9.1

Search engine library

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Tantivy is a full text search engine library written in rust.

It is closer to Apache Lucene than to Elasticsearch and Apache Solr in the sense it is not an off-the-shelf search engine server, but rather a crate that can be used to build such a search engine.

Tantivy is, in fact, strongly inspired by Lucene's design.


  • Full-text search
  • Configurable tokenizer. (stemming available for 17 latin languages. Third party support for Chinese (tantivy-jieba and cang-jie) and Japanese
  • Fast (check out the :racehorse: :sparkles: benchmark :sparkles: :racehorse:)
  • Tiny startup time (<10ms), perfect for command line tools
  • BM25 scoring (the same as lucene)
  • Natural query language (michael AND jackson) OR "king of pop"
  • Phrase queries search ("michael jackson")
  • Incremental indexing
  • Multithreaded indexing (indexing English Wikipedia takes < 3 minutes on my desktop)
  • Mmap directory
  • SIMD integer compression when the platform/CPU includes the SSE2 instruction set.
  • Single valued and multivalued u64 and i64 fast fields (equivalent of doc values in Lucene)
  • &[u8] fast fields
  • Text, i64, u64, dates and hierarchical facet fields
  • LZ4 compressed document store
  • Range queries
  • Faceted search
  • Configurable indexing (optional term frequency and position indexing)
  • Cheesy logo with a horse


  • Distributed search is out of the scope of tantivy. That being said, tantivy is meant as a library upon which one could build a distributed search. Serializable/mergeable collector state for instance, are within the scope of tantivy.

Supported OS and compiler

Tantivy works on stable rust (>= 1.27) and supports Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Getting started



Tantivy compiles on stable rust but requires Rust >= 1.27. To check out and run tests, you can simply run :

git clone https://github.com/tantivy-search/tantivy.git
cd tantivy
cargo build

Running tests

Some tests will not run with just cargo test because of fail-rs. To run the tests exhaustively, run ./run-tests.sh.


Send me an email (paul.masurel at gmail.com) if you want to contribute to tantivy.