take_mut 0.2.2

Take a T from a &mut T temporarily


This crate provides (at this time) a single function, take().

take() allows for taking T out of a &mut T, doing anything with it including consuming it, and producing another T to put back in the &mut T.

During take(), if a panic occurs, the entire process will be exited, as there's no valid T to put back into the &mut T.

Contrast with std::mem::replace(), which allows for putting a different T into a &mut T, but requiring the new T to be available before being able to consume the old T.


struct Foo;
let mut foo = Foo;
take_mut::take(&mut foo, |foo| {
    // Can now consume the Foo, and provide a new value later
    // Do more stuff
    Foo // Return new Foo from closure, which goes back into the &mut Foo