tailsome 0.1.0

Blanket traits providing `.into_ok()`, `.into_err()`, and `.into_some()` for happier method chaining.
# tailsome

Blanket traits providing methods for turning anything into an `Option` or `Result`.

Inspired by [`tap::Pipe`](https://docs.rs/tap/1.0.1/tap/pipe/trait.Pipe.html), which provides
a `pipe` method that allows the user to call any bare function in the middle of a method chain.

The most useful of these traits' methods is probably `IntoResult::into_ok`. Instead of wrapping
a long method-chain expression in a call to `Ok`, try tacking an `.into_ok()` at the end. This can
be especially pleasing in functions that return a `Result` and make judicious use of method
chains and the `?` operator.

use tailsome::IntoResult;


fn build_pipeline() -> Result<Example, Error> {
        .try_set_option("some flag")?
        .set_option("another option")

struct Example;

struct Builder;
impl Builder {
    fn new() -> Self { Self }
    fn set_option<T>(self, t: T) -> Self { self }
    fn try_set_option<T>(self, t: T) -> Result<Self, Error> { Ok(self) }
    fn build(self) -> Example { Example }

struct Error;