systemd-networkd-vpnc 0.1.0

A glue between OpenConnect and systemd-networkd
systemd-networkd-vpnc-0.1.0 is not a library.


This is a glue between OpenConnect and systemd-networkd. Works by replacing vpnc-script.


cargo install systemd-networkd-vpnc --root /usr/local/
cp units/cisco-vpn.netdev units/ /etc/systemd/network
networkctl reload

After it's installed, add --script=/usr/local/bin/systemd-networkd-vpnc option to your openconnect command. For instance:

openconnect --interface=cisco-vpn --script=/usr/local/bin/systemd-networkd-vpnc \
    --csd-wrapper=/usr/local/bin/ --csd-user=myname --protocol=anyconnect \

The script generates /etc/systemd/network/ drop-in config file and reloads config, so systemd-networkd handles VPN network configuration.

After VPN connection, if everything went well, you will see the following status:

$ networkctl
  1 lo        loopback carrier     unmanaged  
  2 enp4s0    ether    no-carrier  configuring
  4 wlan0     wlan     routable    configured 
  9 cisco-vpn none     routable    configured

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