symbolic-demangle 8.0.4

A library to demangle symbols from various languages and compilers.

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Demangling support for various languages and compilers.

Currently supported languages are:

  • C++ (GCC-style compilers and MSVC)
  • Rust (both legacy and v0)
  • Swift (up to Swift 5.2)
  • ObjC (only symbol detection)

As the demangling schemes for the languages are different, the supported demangling features are inconsistent. For example, argument types were not encoded in legacy Rust mangling and thus not available in demangled names.

This module is part of the symbolic crate and can be enabled via the demangle feature.


use symbolic::common::{Language, Name};
use symbolic::demangle::{Demangle, DemangleOptions};

let name = Name::new("__ZN3std2io4Read11read_to_end17hb85a0f6802e14499E");
assert_eq!(name.detect_language(), Language::Rust);
assert_eq!(name.try_demangle(DemangleOptions::default()), "std::io::Read::read_to_end");

License: MIT