svlint 0.1.0

SystemVerilog linter
svlint-0.1.0 is not a library.


SystemVerilog linter

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Download binary

Download from release page, and extract to the directory in PATH.


You can install by cargo.

cargo install procs



svlint 0.1.0

    svlint [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <files>...

        --example    Prints config example
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -s, --silent     Suppresses message
    -1               Prints results by single line
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -v, --verbose    Prints verbose message

    -c, --config <config>          Config file [default: .svlint.toml]
    -d, --define <defines>...      Define
    -f, --filelist <filelist>      File list
    -i, --include <includes>...    Include path

    <files>...    Source file


Name Description
enum_with_type enum must have data type
for_with_begin multiline 'for' statement must have 'begin'
function_with_automatic 'function' must be 'automatic'
generate_for_with_label 'generate for' must have label
generate_if_with_label 'generate if' must have label
generate_keyword 'generate'/'endgenerate' must be omitted
genvar_declaration genvar must be declared in loop
if_with_begin multiline 'if' statement must have 'begin'
inout_with_tri 'inout' must have 'tri'
input_with_var 'input' must have 'var'
legacy_always 'always_comb'/'always_ff'/'always_latch' must be used
loop_variable_declaration loop variable must be declared in loop
output_with_var 'output' must have 'var'
parameter_in_package 'parameter' must be replaced to 'localparam' in package
priority_keyword 'priority' is forbidden
tab_charactor tab charactor is forbidden
unique0_keyword 'unique0' is forbidden
unique_keyword 'unique' is forbidden
wire_reg 'wire'/'reg' must be replaced to 'logic'/'tri'


Configuration file is searched to the upper directory until /. So you can put configuration file (.svlint.toml) on the repository root like .gitignore.

The example of configuration file is below:

exclude_paths = ["ip/.*"]

inout_with_tri = false
input_with_var = false
output_with_var = false

The complete example can be generated by svlint --example

[option] section

exclude_paths is a list of regular expression. If a file path is matched with the list, the file is skipped to check.

[rules] section

By default, all rules are enabled. If you want to disable some rules, false can be specified.