supergitignore 2.1.1

Quickly generate a massive gitignore file!
supergitignore-2.1.1 is not a library.



In previous versions, there were a few accidental ignores that were not supposed to be there and may have caused damage to some people. As a result, I have removed all of them. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and will continue working on the .gitignore file to ensure that there are no other errors that I might have missed. If you spot anything yourself feel absolutely free to create pull requests on the GitHub repo and I will merge as soon as possible. Again, I am truly sorry for any damage this may have caused.

I always create new projects and until now I used DOOM emacs for creating my .gitignore files. DOOM emacs (a distribution of emacs) has this nice built-in feature that if you create a new .gitignore file with it, there would be a few suggestions that would show up on things that it can put in there for you, but there are 2 main problems with that:

  1. Currently these are just simple and small gitignores, but I prefer a massive file that I could just generate once, and then generally just forget about.
  2. It takes time for me to open up DOOM emacs, go to my project's directory, create a new .gitignore file, save and quit, push the changes, and then finally commit them.

That's why I created supergitignore, you just run it, and it generates a massive gitignore file for you with all the common stuff that you'll need already in it.

I also decided to publish it here, so that other people like you can enjoy this as well. So have fun :)

To install supergitignore, run the cargo install supergitignore command in your terminal (you need cargo installed for this)

To run it, simply run the supergitignore command in your project's directory, and everything should work!