stderrlog 0.4.3

Logger that logs to stderr based on verbosity specified

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Logger that aims to provide a simple case of env_logger that just logs to stderr based on verbosity.


For a working example for StructOpt, clap, and docopt please see the crate level documentation.

For example binaries showing how module level logging works, please see the large-example crate in examples/.

Supported Versions

  • stderrlog 0.4.x supports
    1. Rust 1.16.0 and newer
    2. log >= 0.4.1
  • stderrlog 0.3.x supports
    1. Rust 1.16.0 and newer
    2. log 0.3.x
  • stderrlog 0.2.x supports
    1. Rust 1.13.0 and newer
    2. log >= 0.3.0, < 0.3.9


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

stderrlog = "0.4"

and this to your crate root:

extern crate stderrlog;

and this to your main():


where your args struct is defined as:

struct Args {
    flag_v: usize,
    flag_q: bool,