spin 0.5.2

Synchronization primitives based on spinning. They may contain data, are usable without `std`, and static initializers are available.


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This Rust library implements a simple spinlock, and is safe for #[no_std] environments.


Include the following code in your Cargo.toml

version = "0.5"


When calling lock on a Mutex you will get a reference to the data. When this reference is dropped, the lock will be unlocked.

extern crate spin;

fn main()
    let mutex   = spin::Mutex::new(0);
    let rw_lock = spin::RwLock::new(0);

    // Modify the data
      let mut data = mutex.lock();
      *data = 2;
      let mut data = rw_lock.write();
      *data = 3;

    // Read the data
    let answer =
      let data1 = mutex.lock();
      let data2 = rw_lock.read();
      let data3 = rw_lock.read(); // sharing
      (*data1, *data2, *data3)

    println!("Answers are {:?}", answer);

To share the lock, an Arc<Mutex<T>> may be used.


The behaviour of these lock is similar to their namesakes in std::sync. they differ on the following:

  • The lock will not be poisoned in case of failure;