speexdsp 0.1.2

Bindings for the speexdsp library

speexdsp bindings and c2rust version

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It is a simple safe abstraction based on speexdsp.

It is available as binding or as pure-rust implementation.


By default the pure-rust implementation is used, optionally the simd-accelerated original C version can be used instead using the feature sys.

The bindings are generated using the headers and libraries that ought to be present in the system.

  • Make sure you have clang and libclang installed.
  • Make sure the speexdsp C headers and pkg-config files are installed.


  • Source build speexdsp
  • Simple bindings
  • Safe abstraction
  • Examples
  • Clean pure-rust reimplementation


Currently we have only an integration test to compare the C and the Rust implementation. To run it issue:

$ cargo test --features=sys