solana-watchtower 1.2.7

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solana-watchtower-1.2.7 is not a library.

The solana-watchtower program is used to monitor the health of a cluster. It periodically polls the cluster over an RPC API to confirm that the transaction count is advancing, new blockhashes are available, and no validators are delinquent. Results are reported as InfluxDB metrics, with an optional push notification on sanity failure.

If you only care about the health of one specific validator, the --validator-identity command-line argument can be used to restrict failure notifications to issues only affecting that validator.

If you do not want duplicate notifications, for example if you have elected to recieve notifications by SMS the --no-duplicate-notifications command-line argument will suppress identical failure notifications.



On every iteration this data point will be emitted indicating the overall result using a boolean ok field.


On failure this data point contains details about the specific test that failed via the following fields:

  • test: name of the sanity test that failed
  • err: exact sanity failure message