smithay-client-toolkit 0.6.6

Toolkit for making client wayland applications.
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Smithay's Client Toolkit

This crate is a toolkit for writing wayland clients in rust, on top of wayland-client.

Currently a work in progress, it currently provides the following utilities:

  • Automatic binding of general wayland globals (wl_compositor, wl_shm, etc..)
  • Abstraction to create windows (aka toplevel surfaces), abstracting the interaction with the shell (xdg_shell or wl_shell) and the drawing of decorations
  • Wrapper for wl_keyboard for automatic keymap interpretation using
  • Utilites for creating dpi aware surfaces.


The documentation for the master branch is available online.

The documentation for the releases can be found on


Requires at least rust 1.22 to be used (using bitflags 1.0 for associated constants), and version 1.12 of the wayland system libraries.