slog 2.3.2

Structured, extensible, composable logging for Rust
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# slog-rs - The Logging for [Rust][rust]

### Introduction (please read)

`slog` is an ecosystem of reusable components for structured, extensible,
composable and contextual logging for [Rust][rust].

The ambition is to be The Logging Library for Rust. `slog` should accommodate a
variety of logging features and requirements. If there is a feature that you
need and standard `log` crate is missing, `slog` should have it.

This power comes with a little steeper learning curve, so if you experience any
problems, **please join [slog-rs gitter] channel** to get up to speed. If you'd
like to take a quick, convenient route, consider using
[sloggers]( wrapper library.

While the code is reliable, the documentation sometimes could use an improvement.
Please report all issues and ideas.

### Features & technical documentation

Most of the interesting documentation is auto-generated and hosted on [](

Go to []( to read about features and APIs
(examples included).

**Note**: `slog` is just a core, and the actual functionality is inside
many feature crates. To name a few:

* [slog-term]( for terminal output
* [slog-async]( for asynchronous logging
* [slog-json]( for logging JSON
* [slog-syslog]( for logging to syslog
* [sloggers]( for convenience methods (note: [3rd-party library](

There are many more slog feature crates. Search for [more slog features on]( It is easy to write and publish
new ones. Look through all the [existing crates using
slog]( for examples and ideas.

### Terminal output example

`slog-term` is only one of many `slog` features - useful showcase,
multi-platform, and featuring eg. automatic TTY detection and colors.

See following screenshot: same output in both compact and full output mode.

![slog-rs terminal example output](

## Using & help

Please use [slog-rs gitter] channel to ask for help or discuss
slog features.

for full quick code example overview.

Read [Documentation]( for details and features.

To report a bug or ask for features use [github issues][issues].

[slog-rs gitter]:
[issues]: //

## Slog community

Slog related crates are hosted under [slog github

Dawid Ciężarkiewicz is the original author and current maintainer of `slog` and
therefore self-appointed benevolent dictator over the project. When working on
slog Dawid follows and expects everyone to follow his [Code of

Any particular repositories under slog ecosystem might be created, controlled,
maintained by other entities with various levels of autonomy. Lets work together
toward a common goal in a respectful and welcoming atmosphere!