sleef-sys 0.1.2

Rust FFI bindings to the SLEEF Vectorized Math Library

Rust bindings for SLEEF

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SLEEF: SIMD Library for Evaluating Elementary Functions

Note: Rust does not support long double (80-bit precision floating-point types) and the SLEEF APIs that use it are not included in these bindings yet (they could probably be added to just handle long double as a bag of bytes**.

Cargo features

  • dft (default: disabled - equivalent to SLEEF's BUILD_DFT option): SLEEF also includes SIMD-vectorized and parallelized subroutines for discrete Fourier transform (DFT) with an API similar to FFTW.

Platform support

This wrapper supports the following platforms, but CI is not properly set up for all of them yet.

Linux targets: build run
MacOSX targets: build run
Windows targets: build run


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