siege-math 0.5.1

Math library for the Siege Engine


MIT licensed

Documentation is available at

siege-math is a component within the Siege Engine MMO game engine.

The Siege Engine is an MMO game engine on the Vulkan API written in the Rust language.

siege-math provides primitives for Angle, Vector (including Direction and Point variants), Matrix, Quaternion, and Position types defined over any floating point type.

siege-math was developed in response to several other math crates (cgmath and nalgebra) going in directions slightly adverse to our usage. As a math library is actually a rather small thing, we were not too fussed about creating a new one.

Prefer Other Crates

cgmath and nalgebra are much better math crates. I would not recommending using this crate. I intend to move off of it myself.

Work TBD

SIMD is not yet available in stable rust. RFC 2366 ( is the latest in the chain of work to make that happen. Once it (or something like it) lands in stable rust, we can refactor to make use of SIMD for a significant performance increase. In the meantime, there is a crate "simd" and another "fake-simd" that might be useful for getting started.