serialport 0.2.4

A cross-platform low-level serial port library

== serialport-rs


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serialport-rs is a general-purpose cross-platform serial port library for Rust. It provides a simple blocking I/O interface to low-level serial ports on POSIX and Windows systems. It reuses code from the[serial-rs] library and aims to provide a very similar interface to that of the[QSerialPort] library.

This library was primarily created because I was more familiar with the QSerialPort library and the slow rate of development of the serial-rs library previously mentioned, as I was developing my[Gattii] serial terminal emulator program.

Special thanks to dcuddeback, willem66745, and apoloval who wrote the original serial-rs library which this library heavily borrows from. As that library licensed as MIT, the portions of this library that were copied from that one are licensed as MIT. All other code is licensed as LGPL version 3.0 or any later version. Therefore the license for this library as a whole is LGPLv3+.