scan_fmt 0.1.3

A simple scanf()-like input for Rust

scan_fmt BuildStatus

scan_fmt provides a simple scanf()-like input for Rust. The goal is to make it easier to read data from a string or stdin.

Currently the format string supports the following special sequences:


 #[macro_use] extern crate scan_fmt;
 fn main() {
   let (a,b,c) = scan_fmt!( "hello 12 345 bye", // input string
                            "hello {} {} {}",   // format
                            u8, i32, String);   // type of a-c Options
   assert_eq!( a.unwrap(), 12 ) ;
   assert_eq!( b.unwrap(), 345 ) ;
   assert_eq!( c.unwrap(), "bye" ) ;

   println!("Enter something like: 123-22");
   let (c,d) = scanln_fmt!( "{d}-{d}", // format
                            u16, u8);  // type of a&b Options
   match (c,d) {
     (Some(cc),Some(dd)) => println!("Got {} and {}",cc,dd),
     _ => println!("input error")
   // Note - currently scanln_fmt! just calls unwrap() on read_line()


There is no compile-time warning if the number of {}'s in the format string doesn't match the number of return values. You'll just get None for extra return values. See src/ for more details.