sandkiste_lua 0.3.0

Sandbox for Lua scripts


Sandboxing Lua scripts for the sandkiste API


Building this crate currently depends on the pkg-config binary being installed on your system.


See contained LICENSE file (MIT License).


  • 2023-03-26: Version 0.3.0
    • Use sandkiste version 0.2.0
  • 2023-03-20: Version 0.2.0
    • Force abort on panic to fix soundness issue when calling or dropping closure passed to Sandkiste::Callback::callback
    • Use sandkiste version 0.1.0
  • 2023-03-11: Version 0.1.0
    • Added conversion from Option into LuaDatum (via From trait)
    • Use bindgen version 0.63
    • Code cleanup
  • 2022-11-26: Version 0.0.7
    • Use sandkiste version 0.0.5
  • 2022-11-25: Version 0.0.6
    • Use sandkiste version 0.0.4
    • Minor fixes in internal comments
  • 2022-11-24: Version 0.0.5
    • Use sandkiste version 0.0.3
    • Experimental compiler features are no longer used
    • Improved error message when using Lua5_3 and Lua5_4 feature at the same time
  • 2022-06-21: Version 0.0.4
    • Fixed soundness issue regarding argument iterators (LuaFunction::call and LuaMachine::callback relied on ExactSizeIterator::len returning the correct length, which has been fixed)
    • Removed unnecessary vec![] in example and tests (as sandkiste::Function::call is generic in regard to how a list of arguments is provided)
  • 2022-05-03: Version 0.0.3
    • Fixed build error on nightly Rust by importing core::ffi::{c_int, c_size_t} for now instead of using std::ffi (see commit 07ea143f96 in Rust for explanation)
  • 2022-04-17: Version 0.0.2
    • Fixed wrong calculation of used memory in custom allocator
    • Fixed error handling when pushing closures to the Lua machine (when invoking lua_pcall in cmach_lua_pushclosure, a wrong stack index was provided for the error handler)
    • Added documentation
    • Allow usage of deprecated bit32 module when using Lua 5.3 (was previously stripped when sealing the standard library)
    • Export previously private module cmach to allow unsafe access to Lua
    • Avoid an unnecessary reallocation in C function cmach_lua_errmsgh
    • Fixed wrong comments in cmach_lua_getglobal
  • 2022-04-14: Version 0.0.1