s3find 0.1.4

walk a s3 path hierarchy. s3find is an analog of find for s3.


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Utility to walk a S3 hierarchy. An analog of find for AWS S3.


    s3find [OPTIONS] <path> [SUBCOMMAND]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --aws-access-key <aws_access_key>    AWS access key. Unrequired
        --aws-region <aws_region>            The region to use. Default value is us-east-1
        --aws-secret-key <aws_secret_key>    AWS secret key. Unrequired
        --size <bytes_size>...               File size for match:
                                                 5k - exact match 5k,
                                                 +5k - bigger than 5k,
                                                 -5k - smaller than 5k,

                                             Possible file size units are as follows:
                                                 k - kilobytes (1024 bytes)
                                                 M - megabytes (1024 kilobytes)
                                                 G - gigabytes (1024 megabytes)
                                                 T - terabytes (1024 gigabytes)
                                                 P - petabytes (1024 terabytes)
        --iname <ipatern>...                 Case-insensitive glob pattern for match, can be multiple
        --name <npatern>...                  Glob pattern for match, can be multiple
        --regex <rpatern>...                 Regex pattern for match, can be multiple
        --mtime <time>...                    Modification time for match, a time period:
                                                 +5d - for period from now-5d to now
                                                 -5d - for period  before now-5d

                                             Possible time units are as follows:
                                                 s - seconds
                                                 m - minutes
                                                 h - hours
                                                 d - days
                                                 w - weeks

                                             Can be multiple, but should be overlaping

    <path>    S3 path to walk through. It should be s3://bucket/path

    -delete      Delete matched keys
    -download    Download matched keys
    -exec        Exec any shell program with every key
    -ls          Print the list of matched keys
    -lstags      Print the list of matched keys with tags
    -print       Extended print with detail information
    -public      Make the matched keys public available (readonly)
    -tags        Set the tags(overwrite) for the matched keys
    help         Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


Find path by glob pattern


s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --name '*' -print


s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --name '*' -delete


s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --name '*' -ls

List keys with tags

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --name '*' -lstags


s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --name '*' -exec 'echo {}'

Download(simple implementation)

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --name '*' -download

Set tags

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --name '*9*' -tags 'key:value' 'env:staging'

Find path by case insensitive glob pattern

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --iname '*s*' -ls

Find path by regex pattern

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --regex '1$' -print

Find path by size

Exact match

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --size 0 -print


s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --size +10M -print


s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --size -10k -print

Find path by time

Files modified since last 10 seconds

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --time 10 -print

Files modified for the period before last 10 minutes

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --time +10m -print

Files modified since last 10 hours

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --time -10h -print

Multiple filters

Same filters

Files with size between 10 and 20 bytes

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --size +10 --size -20 -print

Different filters

s3find 's3://s3example/s3test' --size +10 --name '*file*' -print

How to build and install

Requirements: rust and cargo

# Build
cargo build --release

# Install from local source
cargo install

# Install from git
cargo install --git https://github.com/AnderEnder/s3find-rs