rvk 0.1.8

Crate for accessing VK API
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A crate for accessing VK API in Rust.


Add the dependency to your Cargo.toml file:

rvk = "0.1"

Also, add this line to your crate:

extern crate rvk;

Now you can take a look at this crate's API documentation to learn more about the available functions.


extern crate rvk;
use rvk::{APIClient, Params, methods::*};

fn main() {
    let mut api = APIClient::new("your_access_token").unwrap(); // Create an API Client

    let mut params = Params::new(); // Create a HashMap to store parameters
    params.insert("user_ids", "1");

    let work = users::get(&api, params, |res| match res {
        Ok(v) => { // If the API returned a response, you get `serde_json::Value` here

            // In this example, `v` corresponds to this JSON:
            // [
            //   {
            //     "id": 1,
            //     "first_name": "Pavel",
            //     "last_name": "Durov"
            //   }
            // ]

            let user = v.as_array().unwrap().get(0).unwrap();

            let first_name = user.get("first_name").unwrap().as_str().unwrap();
            let last_name = user.get("last_name").unwrap().as_str().unwrap();
            let id = user.get("id").unwrap().as_u64().unwrap();

            println!("Success: User #{} is {} {}.", id, first_name, last_name);
        Err(e) => println!("Error {}: {}", e.code(), e.msg()),
    }); // This returns a Future

    api.run(work); // Do not forget to run the Future to make it actually do something!