rustc_version 0.1.1

A library for querying the version of a installed rustc compiler


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A library for querying the version of a installed rustc compiler.

For more details, see the docs.

Getting Started

rustc-version-rs is available on Add the following dependency to your Cargo manifest to get the latest version of the 0.1 branch:


rustc_version = "0.1.*"

To always get the latest version, add this git repository to your Cargo manifest:

git = ""


// This could be a cargo build script

extern crate rustc_version;
use rustc_version::{version, version_matches, version_meta, Channel};

fn main() {
    // Assert we haven't travelled back in time
    assert!(version().major >= 1);

    // Set cfg flags depending on release channel
    match version_meta().channel {
        Channel::Stable => {
        Channel::Beta => {
        Channel::Nightly => {

    // Directly check a semver version requirment
    if version_matches(">= 1.4.0") {