russian-warship 0.2.1

Russia stop invading Ukraine

(This crate will be yanked once russia reteats back within its borders)

Donating to Ukraine via Fiat:

Many of the items that the Ukraine Army know how to use are sourced from the US. Mriya Aid are in the US and source what's specifically needed and send it to Ukraine:

There is no overheads as everyone is a volenteer and all ancillary costs like the website hosting etc. and all paid out of the volenteers pockets.

If you want to hear from the people behind this you can listen to twitter spaces WalterReport ( )

Donating to Ukraine via Crypto:

Ukraine is documenting via art the tragedy of the russian invasion for history and for fund raising.

A modern day bayeux tapestry:

(I would encourage you to consider buying an NFT to show your support if you can spare the money. Again all the money goes directly to Ukraine.)