ruspiro-mailbox 0.0.2

This crates provides an easy to consume API to send mailbox property tag messages on Raspberry Pi baremetal.

Mailbox Property Tag Interface RusPiRo crate

This crate implements an abstraction of the mailbox property tag interface available in the Raspberry Pi. There are currently a limmited number of functions for the following property tag messages implemented:

  • GetArmMemory
  • GetClockRate
  • SetClockRate

Check the official documentation of those property tags and their purpose.


To use the crate just add the following dependency to your Cargo.toml file:

ruspiro-mailbox = "0.0.2"

Once done the access to the mailbox interface access is available in your rust files like so:

use ruspiro_mailbox::*;

fn demo() {
    // use the mailbox to retrieve the core clock rate
    if let Ok(core_rate) = MAILBOX.take_for(|mb| mb.get_clockrate(ArmClockId::Core)) {
        // here we know the core clock rate do something with it...
        // remeber - println is just a show case and might not be available in bare metal environment
        println!("Core clock rate {}", core_rate);


This crate is licensed under MIT license (LICENSE or