ruspiro-allocator 0.1.1

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Custom Allocator RusPiRo crate

This crate provides a custom allocator for heap memory. If any baremetal crate uses functions and structures from the alloc crate an allocator need to be provided as well. However, this crate does not export any public API to be used. It only encapsulates the memory allocator that shall be linked into the binary.

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This crate requires to be buil with nightly as it uses the feature alloc_error_handler which is not stable yet.


To use the crate just add the following dependency to your Cargo.toml file:

ruspiro-allocator = "0.1.1"

Once done the access to the custom allocator is available and will be linked with your project if you add the usage to your main crate rust file:

extern crate ruspiro_allocator;

Wherever you define the usage of the ruspiro-allocator crate the dynamic structures requiring heap memory allocations from the alloc crate could be used like so:

extern crate alloc;
use alloc::vec::*;
use alloc::boxed::*;

fn demo() {
    let mut v: Vec<u32> = vec![10, 20];
    let b: Box<u16> = Box::new(10);


Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, (LICENSE or