rusoto_pricing 0.42.0

AWS SDK for Rust - AWS Price List Service @ 2017-10-15

# Rusoto Pricing
Rust SDK for AWS Price List Service

You may be looking for:

* [An overview of Rusoto][rusoto-overview]
* [AWS services supported by Rusoto][supported-aws-services]
* [API documentation][api-documentation]
* [Getting help with Rusoto][rusoto-help]

## Requirements

Rust stable or beta are required to use Rusoto. Nightly is tested, but not guaranteed to be supported. Older
versions _may_ be supported. The currently supported Rust versions can be found in the Rusoto project

On Linux, OpenSSL is required.

## Installation

To use `rusoto_pricing` in your application, add it as a dependency in your `Cargo.toml`:

rusoto_pricing = "0.42.0"

## Crate Features
- `native-tls` - use platform-specific TLS implementation.
- `rustls` - use rustls TLS implementation.
- `serialize_structs` - output structs of most operations get `derive(Serialize)`.

Note: the crate will use the `native-tls` TLS implementation by default.

## Contributing

See [CONTRIBUTING][contributing].

## License

Rusoto is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

See [LICENSE][license] for details.

[api-documentation]: "API documentation"
[license]: "MIT License"
[contributing]: "Contributing Guide"
[rusoto-help]: "Getting help with Rusoto"
[rusoto-overview]: "Rusoto overview"
[supported-aws-services]: "List of AWS services supported by Rusoto"