rusoto_mock 0.31.0

AWS SDK for Rust - Request Mocking Helpers

Mock request dispatcher and credentials for unit testing rusoto AWS service clients

All rusoto generated service clients come with a constuctor function named new_with which accepts three arguments

  • A rusoto_core::DispatchSignedRequest implementation
  • A rusoto_core::credential::ProvideAwsCredentials implementation
  • A rusoto_core::Region

This crate provides mock implementations to satisfy the first two.


The following is an example for the rusoto_s3 crate but should work for all service crates just the same. The code is commented out for illustration but also to avoid a cyclic dependency in this crate.

extern crate rusoto_mock;
// extern crate rusoto_s3;

use rusoto_mock::{MockCredentialsProvider, MockRequestDispatcher, MockResponseReader};

fn main() {
// let s3 = rusoto_s3::S3Client::new_with(
//   MockRequestDispatcher::default().with_body(
//      MockResponseReader::read_response("test-data", "s3-response.json")
//   ),
//   MockCredentialsProvider,
//   Default::default()
// );