rump 0.0.1

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Rump is a command line tool for quick storage and retrival of text snippets. It is a port of Bang/Gong/Pork to Rust. Rump provides an executable, rump, as well as programmatic access to the text snippets via a Rust library.


Usage: rump [OPTIONS] [KEY] [VALUE]

    -h --help           output usage information
    -v --version        output the version number
    -d --delete KEY     delete the specified key

CLI usage

Get a key:

rump my_key

Set a key:

rump my_key my_value

Delete a key:

rump -d my_key

Library usage

Import the crate and command module:

extern crate rump;
use rump::commands;

Get a key:

let value: Option<String> = commands::get("my_key");

Set a key:

commands::set("my_key", "my_value");

Delete a key:



Data is serialized to JSON and stored in a file at ~/.rump.