rtps-gen 0.1.0

A command line tool reading RTPS IDL and generating corresponding Rust data types.
rtps-gen-0.1.0 is not a library.

Apache 2.0 licensed

RTPS IDL to Rust code generator

A tool reading an IDL and generating corresponding Rust code.


rtps-gen -I <include-dir> data.idl -o output.rs

RTPS-IDL to Rust Mapping

The IDL types are mapped onto Rust as follows. If a type-mapping has not been decided, it is marked with 'NA'.
As RTPS is a data-centric framework in contrast to the the original OO background, the focus is put onto data structures, and ignoring interfaces and structures so far.

IDL-Type Rust-Type
module module
boolean bool
char/wchar char
octet u8
string/wstring std::string::String
short i16
long i32
long long i64
unsigned short u16
unsigned long u32
unsigned long long u64
float f32
double f64
fixed NA
enum enum
union enum
struct struct
sequence std::vec::Vec
array, eg. 'T a[N]' native array '[T;N]'
interface (non abstract) NA
interface (abstract) NA
constant (not within interface) const
constant (within an interface) NA
exception std::result::Result
Any NA
type declarations nested within interfaces NA
typedef type
pseudo objects NA
readonly attribute NA
readwrite attribute NA
operation NA