rtlsdr_mt 2.2.0

High-level, multithreading interface to RTL-SDR
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This crate provides a high-level interface to the RTL-SDR that separates controlling the device and reading samples, for integration into multithreaded applications.


This example reads incoming samples, printing the first I/Q pair, in the main thread while incrementing the receive frequency by 1kHz every second in a subthread.

let (mut ctl, mut reader) = rtlsdr_mt::open(0).unwrap();


std::thread::spawn(move || {
loop {
let next = ctl.center_freq() + 1000;


reader.read_async(4, 32768, |bytes| {
println!("i[0] = {}", bytes[0]);
println!("q[0] = {}", bytes[1]);