rsign 0.1.2

A command-line tool to sign files and verify signatures.


DISCLAIMER: This is a toy. This has not undergone any formal security analysis. I am not a security expert. Use at your own risk

Codeship Status for danielrangel/rsign License: MIT

A simple rust implementation of Minisign tool. All signatures produced by rsign can be verified with minisign including trusted comments. Minisign is also able to sign files with keys generated by rsign.

It uses an asymmetric encryption system (Ed25519) to produce a pair of keys used to sign and verify the files. It also uses a particular combination of Scrypt, Salsa20 / 8 and SHA-256 as key derivation function (KDF) to encrypt and decrypt the keys.

BLAKE2b is used to confirm the integrity of the secret key as well to create a unique identifier for files larger than 1Gb.

Tarballs and pre-compiled binaries can be found here

Compilation / Installation


Make sure you have libsodium in your default lib path before compiling rsign.


$ git clone
$ cd rsign
$ cargo build --release


$ rsign generate

Generates a new key pair. The public key is printed in the screen and stored in by default. The secret key will be written at ~/.rsign/rsign.key. You can change the default paths with -p and -s respectively.

$ rsign sign myfile.txt

Sign myfile.txt with your secret key. You can add a signed trusted comment with:

$ rsign sign myfile.txt -t "my trusted comment"

If you are signing files larger than 1Gb you must use -H to first hash the file and sign the hash after that:

$ rsign sign mylargefile.bin -H

And to verify the signature with a given public key you can use:

$ rsign verify myfile.txt -p

Or if you have saved the signature file with a custom name other than myfile.txt.rsign and want to use a public key string you can use:

$ rsign verify myfile.txt -P [PUBLIC KEY STRING] -x mysignature.file    

You can find more information using the help subcommand as in:

$ rsign help [SUBCOMMAND]

    rsign [SUBCOMMAND]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    generate    Generate public and private keys
    help        Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    sign        Sign a file with a given private key
    verify      Verify a signed file with a given public key