rs_internal_state 0.1.3

This package serves as an essential building block within the `rs_shield` cryptographic library. It is focused on providing foundational functionality and infrastructure for various cryptographic operations within the larger project. While this package has been made publicly available to satisfy the dependency requirements of Rust's cargo system, its utility is predominantly realized in the context of the `rs_shield` project. Unless you are developing or maintaining a component of the `rs_shield` project, this package might offer limited direct utility. For access to a full suite of cryptographic functionalities, consider using the `rs_shield` library bundle.

rs_internal_state's sandbox limits

All the builds on are executed inside a sandbox with limited resources. The limits for this crate are the following:

Available RAM 6 GB
Maximum rustdoc execution time 15 minutes
Maximum size of a build log 100 kB
Network access blocked
Maximum number of build targets 10

If a build fails because it hit one of those limits please open an issue to get them increased.