rs-xfoil 0.0.1

Run Xfoil commands from Rust, and retrieve their results.


This crate provides a Rust interface to Xfoil, an aerodynamics simulation program written by Mark Drela in Fortran. This will allow users to perform calculations using Xfoil, while seamlessly using the results in Rust code.


The crate works by building up a command sequence in an XfoilRunner. Xfoil must be configured fully before actually running the process. Valid configurational states are tracked internally. After configuring the runner, the process can be dispatched, which consumes the runner and returns the result of the calculation.

The crate is currently very limited in functionality, more options will be added as I need them.


extern crate rs_xfoil;

fn main() {
    let result = rs_xfoil::Config::new("/usr/local/bin/xfoil")
    println!("{:?}", result);