rprompt 1.0.4

Prompt user input in console applications.
# Rustastic Prompt

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`rprompt` allows you to easily prompt for input in a console application on Linux, BSD, OSX and Windows.

## Supporting `rprompt`

`rprompt` is currently being maintained as a side-project, during nights and weekends, next to my full-time job. I am looking for a way to sustain my work on open source. If you find value in what I do and you would like to contribute, please consider:

- [Becoming a backer on Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/conradkdotcom)
- [Making a recurring donation on Liberapay](https://liberapay.com/conradkdotcom/)

## Usage

Add `rprompt` as a dependency in Cargo.toml:

rprompt = "1.0"

Use `rprompt` within your code:

extern crate rprompt;

fn main() {
    // Prompt for a reply on STDOUT
    let reply = rprompt::prompt_reply_stdout("Password: ").unwrap();
    println!("Your reply is {}", reply);

    // Prompt for a reply on STDERR
    let reply = rprompt::prompt_reply_stderr("Password: ").unwrap();
    println!("Your reply is {}", reply);

    // Read a reply without prompt
    let reply = rprompt::read_reply().unwrap();
    println!("Your reply is {}", reply);

The full API documentation is available at [https://docs.rs/rprompt](https://docs.rs/rprompt).

## Contributors

We welcome contribution from everyone. Feel free to open an issue or a pull request at any time.

Here's a list of existing `rprompt` contributors:

* [@conradkleinespel](https://github.com/conradkleinespel)
* [@dpc](https://github.com/dpc)
* [@steveatinfincia](https://github.com/steveatinfincia)

Thank you very much for your help!  :smiley:  :heart:

## License

The source code is released under the Apache 2.0 license.