rpcap 0.2.2

An all-Rust library for reading and writing PCAP files.


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An all-Rust library for reading and writing PCAP files.

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// read a PCAP file
let infile = File::open("example.pcap").unwrap();
let reader = BufReader::new(infile);
let mut pcapr = PcapReader::new(reader).unwrap();
println!("linktype: {}", pcapr.get_linktype());
println!("snaplen: {}", pcapr.get_snaplen());

// create a new PCAP file
let outfile = File::create("copy.pcap").unwrap();
let writer = BufWriter::new(outfile);
let mut pcapw = PcapWriter::new(writer, WriteOptions {
    snaplen: pcapr.get_linktype(),
    linktype: pcapr.get_snaplen(),

// copy all packets from example.pcap to copy.pcap
while let Some(packet) = pcapr.next().unwrap() {
    println!("packet at {} with size {} (cropped from {})",
        packet.time, packet.data.len(), packet.orig_len);

Please note that there is no support for the newer pcapng file format. If you need that, you might want to have a look at the libpcap-wrapper for rust. The same applies if you need the advanced filtering options it has out of the box. To disect the packets from the pcap file, you could use the pnet library. In the time between me writing and publishing this library, it looks like the pcap-file and pcap-rs libraries have popped up, which seem to be doing a very similar thing as this library.


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