rlr-gtk 0.1.1

pixel screen ruler
rlr-gtk-0.1.1 is not a library.

rlr: a pixel screen ruler


Rust + GTK interactive pixel screen ruler with protractor mode.






  • Quit with q or Ctrl-Q.
  • Click to drag.
  • Press r to rotate 90 degrees. Press <Shift>r to flip (mirror) the marks without rotation.
  • Press p to toggle protractor mode.
  • Press f or <Space> to toggle freezing the measurements.
  • Press Control_L and drag the angle base side to rotate it in protractor mode.
  • Press Control_L continuously to disable precision (measurements will snap to nearest integer).
  • Press + to increase size.
  • Press - to decrease size.
  • Press Up, Down, Left, Right to move window position by 10 pixels. Also hold down Control_L to move by 1 pixel.


cargo build --release