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Program for translating libraries written in Rust to interface files. It works with flapigen. For instructions on how to integrate with your project, click here. This crate was initially rust_interface_file_generator

Suppose you have the following Rust code:

struct Foo {
    data: i32

impl Foo {
    fn new(val: i32) -> Foo {
        Foo { data: val }

    fn f(&self, a: i32, b: i32) -> i32 {
        self.data + a + b

    fn set_field(&mut self, v: i32) {
        self.data = v;

Using flapigen, you'd have to write an interface file similar to

foreign_class!(class Foo {
    self_type Foo;
    constructor Foo::new(_: i32) -> Foo;
    fn Foo::set_field(&mut self, _: i32);
    fn Foo::f(&self, _: i32, _: i32) -> i32;

in order to write in Java something like this:

Foo foo=new Foo(5);
        int res=foo.f(1,2);
        assert res==8;

or in C++ something like this:

Foo foo(5);
int res = foo.f(1, 2);
assert(res == 8);

Other Features:

✅ Fast and easy to use

✅ Specify style of the resulting code i.e. Whether CamelCase or snake_case

✅ Works, with structs, enums, trait

✅ You don't have to worry about the "order" in which code in the interface has to be

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