rerun 0.6.0

Log images, point clouds, etc, and visualize them effortlessly

Rerun Rust logging SDK

Rerun is an SDK for logging computer vision and robotics data paired with a visualizer for exploring that data over time. It lets you debug and understand the internal state and data of your systems with minimal code.

cargo add rerun
    .send(&mut rerun::global_session())?;

    .send(&mut rerun::global_session())?;

Getting started


You can add the rerun crate to your project with cargo add rerun.

To get started, see the examples.


You can install the binary with cargo install rerun-cli

This can act either as a server, a viewer, or both, depending on which options you use when you start it.

Running rerun with no arguments will start the viewer, waiting for an SDK to connect to it over TCP.

Run rerun --help for more.

Running a web viewer

The web viewer is an experimental feature, but you can try it out with:

rerun --web-viewer ../nyud.rrd