reboot-arch-btw 0.2.1

Check if you need to reboot due to an updated kernel. (I use Arch btw!)
reboot-arch-btw-0.2.1 is not a library.

CircleCI status Reboot Arch BTW

This is a small utility which shows the installed and running Linux kernel on ArchLinux. It is useful if one didn't notice that the kernel got updated and suddenly your USB drive won't mount because the needed kernel module can't get loaded.

To get the version of the installed kernel it uses libalpm (shipped with pacman) to query the local pacman database. To get the version of the running kernel it uses uname -r.


You may just install it from the AUR:


This project requires Rust 1.42.0 or newer. Also you need to have dbus installed.

sudo pacman -S dbus
cargo build


$ reboot-arch-btw
 installed: 5.6.10-arch1-1 (since 3 days ago)
 running:   5.6.10-arch1-1
Xorg server
 installed: 1.20.8-2 (since 3 days ago)
 running:   1.20.8