readable-name-generator 2.100.46

Generate a readable name for throwaway infrastructure
# Contributing

## Issues

Issues are very valuable to this project.

- Ideas are a valuable source of contributions others can make
- Problems show where this project is lacking
- With a question you show where contributors can improve the user

Thank you for creating them.

## Pull Requests

Pull requests are, a great way to get your ideas into this repository.

When deciding if I merge in a pull request I look at the following

### Does it state intent

You should be clear which problem you're trying to solve with your

For example:

> Add link to code of conduct in

Doesn't tell me anything about why you're doing that

> Add link to code of conduct in because users don't always
> look in the

Tells me the problem that you have found, and the pull request shows me
the action you have taken to solve it.

### Is it of good quality

- Do the tests pass
- Is it well formatted
- Does mutation testing show you have sufficient code coverage

### Does it move this repository closer to my vision for the repository

The aim of this repository is:

- To generate human readable names for things for scripting, and other
  tasks where querying an API would be cumbersome.

### Does it follow the contributor covenant

This repository has a [code of conduct](, This
repository has a code of conduct, I will remove things that do not
respect it.